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How it Works?

Read our comprehensive Guides to EGS.


Firstly, we suggest that you watch our introductory video, and read our Guides to ESG, then if you proceed to create a proposal, or make an investment, read the advice page. 

Complete our online ESG Questionnaire


At this stage, we will explain the different categories of ethical investing, before proceeding to ask you a number of questions, so that we can fully understand what matters to you, and what your ethical investment objectives are. Then, using this information, we can propose an investment portfolio that most accurately reflects your values.

Your Attitude to Risk and Your Personal Circumstances 

Before establishing how much you may wish to invest, we will establish your attitude to risk This together with information relating to your ethical investment objectives  will help us to tailor the most appropriate portfolio for you. The safeguards built in to our processes will ensure that you are never encouraged to take more risk than you are comfortable with, nor to invest in funds that do not match your own ethical values.

Your Portfolio Recommendation

Using information gathered from you, we will then recommend an investment portfolio that matches your values and objectives most closely. We then issue you with a detailed personal report so that can take consider the diverse range of assets and funds within the portfolio, and read about the funds themselves, before you make your decision.

It's simple to Invest Online

Once you’ve reviewed you detailed personal report, it’s quick and easy to complete your online investment. You can review and amend your portfolio, change the level of risk associated with your profile, at any point, via the website. If you’d like to speak to someone in person, please call us:

0800 080 7653
We will Manage your Portfolio Going Forward

Our experienced investment managers then look after your portfolio on a day-to-day basis. They’ll make sure it stays in line with your ethical concerns and risk levels, as well as constantly monitoring its investment performance. You can access your account online at any time to see how your investment is progressing.

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